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climbing ladder to success


Sharing is caring…Successful people seem to be different to everyone else. Everything seems to fall into place for them. They have it easy. Why aren’t we so lucky? I used to think like this. I then started to challenge the common misconception that successful people are just lucky or are born into it. I realised…

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The Top 10 things to bring to a coaching business

Sharing is caring…Introspection is always a challenging prospect. How many of us truly look into ourselves and assess what our core capabilities are? Do we even know what types of skills are required in any given project or even in a business? I thought I would take the plunge and make an assessment of myself…

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home office

The number ONE way to improve your life

Sharing is caring… So picture this; you’re sitting in your lovely home office. You’ve got a fresh beverage of choice in front of you and you hear the birds singing outside your window as you peruse another stunning article on your favourite blog. You’re looking at sales coming into your Paypal account and and life…

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7 Rituals You Should Steal from Extremely Creative People

7 Rituals of Extremely Creative People

Sharing is caring…Creativity is one of those things that you’ve either got or you haven’t. My own experience of it is quite simple: have confidence, try something, learn from your mistakes, and improve next time around. It’s kinda like a secret formula that’s so simple it shouldn’t work – but it does!  ”Creativity is just…

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Cloud 2

3 elements to taking constructive feedback

Sharing is caring…One of life’s skills is learning from your mistakes. Try these quotes on for size to give context: While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior. ~Henry C. Link An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made…

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